1. Background 

1.1. For the cause of this Consent and Waiver Agreement (“Agreement”), all of the capitalised phrases shall have the identical which means as prescribed to them withinside the phrases of use or private ness coverage files to be had on internet site run with the aid of using VR Theme Park Private Limited (“Company”). 

1.2. For the cause of this Agreement, anyplace the context so requires "you", “your”, “person” or “customer” shall imply any herbal or prison individual who visits the Company Premise to apply the Company Products. The term “we”, “us”, “our” shall imply the Company. 

1.3. By shopping the tickets to apply the Company Products you're agreeing to the phrases and situations said on this Agreement. 

2. Capacity and Authority 

2.1. By agreeing to apply the Company Products, you verify which you are above 18 years of age, and now no longer a minor and are able to settlement as understood withinside the which means of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. 

2.2. In the occasion which you are shopping the ticket for any minor, then you definitely warrant which you have complete authority as or on behalf of the parent or legal guardian of such minor. 

2.3. By the use of the Company Products, you warrant that each one the statistics furnished with the aid of using you on the time of buy of the ticket is correct and entire and which you have acquired the consent of parent/legal guardian (in case of minors). 

2.4. PG (Parental Guidance) Rated Games i. VR Team ii. 360° Chair 

2.4.1. Access to the Consent & Waiver paperwork

 i. Can be downloaded from the internet site.

 ii. Sent to the clients email-id along with the invoice.

 iii. Sent to the clients email-id with the gameplay reminder e-mail. 

iv. Available on the shops ticketing counter. 

v. Available with the gaming partner managing the PG rated video games. 

2.4.2. Consent & Waiver system for Players among the age of 12 - 15 years 

i. For gamers among the age of 12 -15 years, for the duration of on-line bookings the Consent & Waiver checkbox wishes to be ticked with the aid of using their parent/ guardian. 

ii. Players among the age of 12 to 15 years need to be followed with the aid of using their parent/ guardian to signal the Consent & Waiver shape in-order to play the PG rated video games. 

iii. Players among the age of 12 to 15 years, who've booked a PG rated gameplay on-line and are unaccompanied with the aid of using their parent/ guardian could now no longer be accepted to play those virtual games. 

iv. Players among the age of 12 to 15 years, will now no longer be allowed to book a PG rated gameplay at the shop if unaccompanied with the aid of using their parent/guardian. 

v. To play Golf, gamers among the age 10 years to 15 years need to be followed with the aid of using their parent/ guardian. 

2.4.3. Consent & Waiver system for gamers among the age of 15 – 18 years 

i. For gamers among the age of 15 – 18 years, for the duration of on-line bookings the Consent & Waiver checkbox wishes to be ticked with the aid of using the parent/ guardian.

 ii. Players among the age of 15 to 18 years, who've booked a PG rated gameplay on-line/offline want to get a tough reproduction of the Consent & Waiver form co-signed with the aid of using their parent/ guardian. 

iii. For gamers among the age of 15 to 18 years, who've booked a PG rated gameplay on-line and are unaccompanied with the aid of using their parent/ guardian, the Digital Waiver system may be used to reap Consent. 

iv. For offline bookings, if gamers among the age of 15 to 18 years are unaccompanied with the aid of using their parent/guardian and need to book a PG rated recreation then, the Digital Waiver system may be used to obtain consent. 

2.4.4.Consent & Waiver system for 18 years and above

i. For all bookings at the internet site the Consent & Waiver checkbox wishes to be ticked with the aid of using the customer.

ii. Players above 18 years of age want to sign a tough reproduction of the Consent & Waiver form at the shop to play PG rated video games. 

2.4.5. Digital Waiver Process Description

 i. When gamers among the age of 15 to 18 years method the ticketing counter to book a PG rated gameplay. 

ii. Ticketing employees will – ▪ verify absence in their parent/ guardian and request the participant for his or her parent/ guardians’ mobile number in-order to start the virtual waiver system. ▪ enter the cell number of the parent/ guardian at the order form. ▪ name the mobile number to verify the identification of the parent/guardian and tell them approximately the Consent & Waiver message. ▪ ship an SMS with the fast hyperlink to the cell number. 

iii. On clicking the fast hyperlink, an internet web page with the Consent & Waiver shape will open and the parent/ guardian wishes to examine the form and tick the checkbox agreeing to the phrases of the Consent & Waiver and revert. 

iv. Only as soon as this statistics is acquired at our end, we are able to have the ability to finish the reserving system. 

v. The printout of the form wishes to be co-signed with the aid of using the participant and passed over to the gaming partner managing the PG rated gaming gadget in order to begin gameplay. 

3. Waiver 

3.1. To the fullest quantity accepted with the aid of using law, you hereby

 (i) waive any and all claims;

 (ii) discharge the Company from any legal responsibility, bobbing up out of any private damage or dying or any belongings harm triggered because of use of Company Products or in any other case on Company Premise, keep and to the quantity discovered to be without delay as a result of Company’s negligence or negligence of any of the employee, agent, manager of the Company. 

4. Acknowledgement of Risk 

4.1. The Company Products consist of virtual reality simulation generation and gadget’s, use of movement capture and monitoring generation, wi-fi controllers, head installed digital truth displays, untethered virtual reality simulation generation and gadget for gaming, simulation, stroll throughs, schooling exercises. 

4.2. You acknowledge and agree that bodily accidents which includes however now no longer confined to cuts and bruises, damaged bones, accidents to different frame parts, and intellectual surprise can be triggered because of 

(i) ordinary use of the Company Products; 

(ii) negligence on a part of the person whilst use of the Company Products; or (iii) touch with different customers. In tremendous occasions, customers might also go through everlasting incapacity or dying from accidents suffered with the aid of using use of the Company Products. 

4.3. You renowned and agree that use of Company Products is risky and nevertheless preference to apply the Company Products and live on the Company Premise at your personal chance and expressly expect and take delivery of all dangers in terms of Company Premise and Company Products. 

5. Unattended Children, Property and Belongings 

5.1. You adopt that you may now no longer go away your child unattended withinside the Company Premise if such child is underneath the age of 14 (fourteen) years (“Child” or “Children”) at any factor of time. The Company and our affiliates, officers, partners, employees, experts and representatives shall now no longer be held chargeable for protection of any unattended Children withinside the Company Premise. 

5.2. You agree and renowned which you shall now no longer be allowed to go into the sport, if there may be no individual to oversee your Children. In such instances your access may be forfeited, and you'll now no longer get hold of any refund for the forfeiture. We recommend which you arrive on the Company Premise with a person to oversee your Children whilst you're taking part in the sport. 

5.3. You adopt complete obligation of your personal property on the Company Premise. The Company shall now no longer be in charge in case of any loss or harm on your property. 

6. Indemnity 

6.1. You conform to indemnify, protect and preserve innocent the Company, and our affiliates, officers, partners, employees, experts and representatives, from and towards all losses, expenses, damages, fees, claims and demands, which includes affordable attorney's costs and associated fees and expenses, because of or arising out of 

(i) your negligence, omission, act, behavior  whilst the use of the Company Product or with the aid of using being gift at the Company Premise; 

(ii) all or any claims towards the Company no matter your consent to this Agreement; and (iii) wherein any statistics you submit, email, or in any other case transmit to us violates third party rights or any relevant laws. 

6.2. You agree to apply the Company Product or live at the Company Premise in a accountable way and shall now no longer compromise your personal protection and protection of every other individual. In the occasion you purpose any bodily accidents to different individual or harm any gadget associated with Company Product, you renowned and agree which you will be liable to pay for such harm as a result of you.

6.3. The above Clauses 5.1 and 5.2 will be relevant at the person who purchases the ticket for any third person or any minor. 

7. Late Arrival 

7.1. You agree and renowned that the usage of Company Products is in lower back-to-lower back periods and consequently you should attain the Company Premise as a minimum half-hour previous to your scheduled session.

7.2. In case of the digital truth video games and offerings, the trainer appointed with the aid of using the Company shall begin the suit-up system 5-10 mins previous to each session. In the occasion you arrive after the initiation of the suit-up system, you may now no longer be allowed to go into the sport. 

7.3. You agree and renowned that withinside the occasion you aren't allowed to go into the sport because of your overdue arrival, the Company shall now no longer be susceptible to refund the ticket fee to you.

 7.4. In the occasion you book a crew digital truth recreation or carrier and any of your teammates are overdue. You may also pick out to watch for them, but in such occasions your in-recreation time may be decreased accordingly. In such instances choice of the trainer appointed with the aid of using the Company will be very last and binding.

8. Consent for Use of Images 

8.1. You renowned that the Company may also have hooked up closed circuit cameras on the Company Premise for protection purposes. You hereby offer your consent to movies being taken for protection purposes. 

8.2. Additionally, you hereby offer your consent to pictures and movies being taken for promotional purposes. The Company will be the one of a kind proprietor of such pictures and movies, and you compromise to unfastened guide or use in any shape or media of such pictures and movies with none compensation. 

9. Declaration for Use of Virtual Reality Products

9.1. You shall observe following necessities if you want to use a number of the Company Products providing digital truth video games and offerings: 

9.1.1. You warrant which you and minors (in case the ticket is bought for the minors) are in accurate health (each bodily and intellectual) and unfastened from any clinical situations, which includes however now no longer confined to i. Epilepsy and comparable seizure disorders; ii. Having implanted pacemakers; iii. Deafness or excessive listening to loss; iv. Broken leg or arm and carrying casts; v. Being a wheelchair person; vi. Heart situation; vii. Pregnancy; viii. Any different critical infection this is able to hindering your capacity to take part withinside the gaming events. 

9.1.2. You renowned and agree that use of digital truth merchandise may also have an effect on adversely in case of being pregnant and subsequently you're required to searching for clinical recommendation earlier than undertaking any virtual reality activity. (Applicable in case of women)

9.1.3. You have now no longer consumed any liquor, drugs (which includes prescribed drugs in case you do now no longer have a prescription from a legitimate clinical expert for the identical, which can be required to be produced on the Company Premise) or different narcotics substance and shall now no longer convey such materials for the duration of your presence on the Company Premise. 

9.2. The Company at its sole discretion, reserves the proper to selectively follow the necessities laid down in Clause 9.1 above to the virtual reality games and different offerings supplied in Company Products. You agree and renowned that the above necessities may also or won't follow to all of the Company Products providing digital truth video games and offerings. 

9.3. The Company shall now no longer be chargeable for your failure to reveal any clinical situation laid down in Clause 9.1.1 above, to the applicable team of workers participants on the Company Premise, previous to issuance of a ticket for a gaming occasion. Further, the Company shall haven't any legal responsibility to refund the ticket quantity to you withinside the occasion that it's far discovered which you failed to reveal your clinical situation on the time of buying the ticket.

10. Compliance 

10.1. You warrant which you shall observe all of the signs, signals, notices, directions, and commands furnished with the aid of using the trainer earlier than, for the duration of or after the usage of Company Products. In the occasion you fail to conform with the signs, signals, notices, directions, and commands furnished with the aid of using the trainer, the Company, at its sole discretion, reserves the proper to cancel your ticket and get rid of you from the Company Premise with none refund or compensation.

10.2. You warrant which you shall comply with all of the protection hints furnished to you with the aid of using the trainer earlier than, for the duration of or after the usage of Company Products or the Company for popular behaviour withinside the Company Premise. 

11. Severability

11.1. If any a part of the Terms of Use are decided to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to Applicable Laws of India, which includes, however now no longer confined to, the assurance disclaimers and legal responsibility barriers set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision may be deemed to be outmoded with the aid of using a legitimate, enforceable provision that maximum carefully suits the purpose of the unique provision and the the rest of the Terms of Use shall retain in effect. 

12. Reservation of proper of access 

12.1. The Company reserves the proper to refuse front to every body discovered to be in violation of the phrases of this Agreement. Further, at its discretion, the Company shall have the proper to behavior temperature tests on all gamers and site visitors in search of access to the Company Premise the use of thermal temperature scanners, and to refuse access to any participant/traveler discovered to have a temperature above ordinary human temperature. 

12.2. The Company reserves the proper to request gamers / site visitors to go away the Company Premise if they're discovered to be in violation of any of the phrases of this Agreement, or every other regulations communicated to the gamers and site visitors on their access into the Company Premise. FURTHER, THE COMPANY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REQUEST PLAYERS/VISITORS TO EXIT THE COMPANY PREMISE IF THEY ARE FOUND TO BE EXBITING KNOWN SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19.

13. Also, I nation that – a. I am now no longer stricken by flu-like symptoms: fever, cough, breathlessness, sore throat, etc.; b. I actually have now no longer come into touch with any acknowledged Covid-19 case withinside the final 14 days; c. I apprehend that whilst VR Theme Park is taking all vital protection and hygiene precautions, it can't be held in charge if a Player or Visitor is identified with Covid19.


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